A conclusion – Blog Post 4/4

Overall, in this blog I have explored the similarity of myth and history. They are often both based on a real event and through years of recounting a story they turn into one collective experience. I have investigated this in both a positive and critical way. Myths tells us ‘the truths’ of different societies, in how they live, their behaviours and their attitudes. I started off this blog looking at how myths are created and why people preserve and extend them often to extreme lengths. I want to continue researching historical events that have become glorified and I would like to see how I can visually show these myths in a new way, one that represents why they are so important to society. However, I also want to pursuea more critical exploration of myths and history, in the way they omit accuracies of the past. I want to explore different ways to give homage to the people that history forgets or glorified myth looks over. I would like to further research the different ways people ‘break the rules’ and the smallest possible action that this might entail. 

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