A Reflection On Research

What have you identified as important in your research and why?

-People dissent even if they have nothing to directly gain. They protest for the satisfaction of just saying ‘no’, even if this protest is in a form that no one will see.

-Nursery rhymes have been used throughout time as an important method of dissent. It was a secret way for adults to pass messages in a time where freedom of expression severely limited. The innocent tunes were passed down by oblivious children from one generation to the next.

-A way to be remembered, however these messages were hidden so well, even now there are many different interpretations of what each rhyme means.

How has this informed what you will look in at greater depth?

-I want to explore more specific nursery rhymes, and research the history and meaning of them more thoroughly.

-I want to look at nonsense poetry, and how this could be used as ‘secret code’ to convey hidden meanings.

What havent you looked at enough yet`?

I want to look further than just nursery rhymes. I am interested in the way nursery rhymes were passed down as secret messages by children without them even realising. I would like to explore codes and secret messages in a wider sense. Are there other examples of people carrying messages without realising? How has this been used in music, songs, theatre, puppetry and other forms of entertainment. How have people hidden their discontent in plain sight, to raise questions but without arousing too much suspicion?

Tutorial Notes

-Look into more specific nursery rhymes, regional unknown stories around England and how these have been passed down.

-How can these nursery rhymes exist in a modern setting? Why are they important today? Can they relate to the current situation?

Look at Dolly Parton’s Sad Ass songs podcast- singing about dissent from the point of view of the victim.

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