What is the title of your Project?What will you work towards producing and what is your proposed end point? Explain how this relates to your work and ideas from the Pathway Stage and how it extends your knowledge, understanding and creative ability.

I want to explore the idea of ‘fake history’ how it can be hard to separate what it is myth and what is history. Like a game of Chinese whispers stories change as they pass down. I want to produce an investigation into deconstructing the ‘myths ’of history and how people have tried to subvert the official narrative. I am interested in investigating this through the secret messages in ordinary objects that the dissidents leave behind. Inspired by the ‘Two sides of the same Coin’ brief, I want to use the skills I learnt in taking one aloof, unique object and exploring how the nature of print could communicate something new about this object. What are the different ways people ‘break the rules’ and what is the smallest possible action that this might entail?Do they act to make a lasting protest, orjust for their own personal satisfaction of saying ‘no’ to authority. I also want to investigate what counts as rulebreaking? If a tree falls and no-one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?Why do people have this cathartic need to show their discontent even it has no impact?

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