Animation tests- Mulberry Bush

‘Around the Mulberry Bush was originally a song of protest, the lyrics filled with secret codes shouted out while women worked. ‘The lyrics have been changed throughout centuries to suit the type of mundane job being done. In looking the original lyrics, I did some animation tests to try and communicate the repetitive nature of the poem, endlessly walking around in circles around some tree, losing sense of time.

The poem’s lyrics relate well to what feels like every day in quarantine, is there a way to relate these old songs of protest to how people feel today? To give homage to the rule breakers in history in a more modern context?

Quick animation tests of walking in Circles endlessly/ grasping hands before starting walk

examples of endless chores, and mundane activities
“Cold and Frosty morning”- every day the women must go on a walk around this tree. To me, this falls similar to one daily form of exercise each day in quarantine.

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