AREA EXPLORED: I have been researching the different ways protesters have hidden their dissent though out history. That they protest for the satisfaction of just saying ‘no’, even if this is in a form that no one will see. I am most interested in how this is done through secret codes and nonsensical literature, and the idea that their message is hidden In plain sight.

AREA OF DISCOVERY: Inspired by Dolly Parton’s podcast I discovered how important and impactful it was when she first started writing songs from the victim and minority points of view. I then researched the secret messages in specifically music, songs and rhyme. I am most intrigued by nursery rhymes, a secret way for adults to pass messages in a time where freedom of expression severely limited. The innocent tunes were passed down by oblivious children from one generation to the next.

AREA OF IDENTIFICATION: I have throughly researched specific nursery rhymes, and each individual secret messages of dissent. I am most interested in how nursery rhymes that can still apply in a modern setting. At the moment I want to carry on researching “Around the Mulberry Bush’ given its similarity with the situation of the pandemic today. I want to use nonsensical imagery to visualise these rhymes and other songs, for people to question what the original meaning was, while also giving the rhyme a modern setting people can relate to.

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