Week 20th-24th April

What other ways are there to hid meaning in things, what are the visual languages of protest?

Small ways people have protested against Grenfell: in creating a visual code of the colour green , it has allowed anyone at any time to make a protest. By creating a simple and accessible way for people to make their mark, it shows a sense of solidarity.

This is the truth wall, a wall where anyone can write thrown experience of Grenfell. It is a way for victims and minority points of view not to be forgotten and overlooked.

Nursery Rhymes provide a invaluable insight to the past, what would there modern counterparts look like?

Nursery rhymes were used to spread dissent and raise awareness, anyone can sing a song, it is accessible way that everyone can join in on. The modern equivalent of this would therefore be protest songs. While nursery rhymes had to contain hidden messages due to lack of freedom of expression, protest songs are much more open.

The difference between nursery rhymes and modern day protest songs, is that in nursery rhymes the meaning is hidden. At the time this created a sense of unity, a secret club that only few were privy to, a sense of belonging in protest. Today, we could argue that we have become de-sensitized to protest. In doing a survey I discovered that hardly anyone knows the meaning of protest songs, and most people listen to the rhythm not lyrics of a song.

Because there is no risk in singing modern day protest songs, does this de-sensitize us to the meaning?

This is the goodbye Babylon is a CD collection of protest songs and gospel songs. It contains raw cotton to represent the toil and trouble all the artists endured to make this music. The cotton becomes a symbol, and when the Cd covers are put together they make a cross.
Creating this box, and visual symbol of cotton for a protest songs is a way to give homage to these old songs which meanings are forgotten.

Inspired by the Babylon box, I looked at various music videos from protest songs and tried to find visual symbol for their meaning. If these symbols were disseminated, it creates the idea of having a secret code, of people belonging to a secret club. I wanted to go back to the idea of nursery rhymes, and while there is no risk to singing the songs, that they something more than just the rhythm .

In the song paperplanes this hand movement is constantly made.

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