Week 27th-1st April

alice 1 from Alice Bartholomew on Vimeo. final project 1 from Alice Bartholomew on Vimeo. final project 1 from Alice Bartholomew on Vimeo. large from Alice Bartholomew on Vimeo. Looking at Green peace animation ‘Just Tuna’ he visual language consists of stark monochrome silhouettes and simple line animation, which corresponds to the bleak message conveyedContinue reading “Week 27th-1st April”

Animation tests- Mulberry Bush

‘Around the Mulberry Bush was originally a song of protest, the lyrics filled with secret codes shouted out while women worked. ‘The lyrics have been changed throughout centuries to suit the type of mundane job being done. In looking the original lyrics, I did some animation tests to try and communicate the repetitive nature ofContinue reading “Animation tests- Mulberry Bush”

Visualising Here we Go round the Mulberry Bush

I find the history of this poem very intriguing. It about the repeptive day to day actions and the feeling of gong round in circles. It based on the life of female prisoners at HMS Wakefield Prison and their life in imprisonement. I found the repetitive nature of this poem, of doing the same thingContinue reading “Visualising Here we Go round the Mulberry Bush”

Visualising Mary Mary quite Contrary

This poem has many interpretations, from dissent against Bloody Mary’s reign, to Mary Queen of Scots and the Virgin Mary. I liked the contrast of an overgrown garden to a world of chaos and protest, similar to the situation today. I made some visual tests contrasting medieval torture weapons used for protesters and images ofContinue reading “Visualising Mary Mary quite Contrary”

Researching Secret Code as a form of dissent

Researching in more depths into different ways, apart from nursery rhymes, that secret codes have been used to hide dissent in history . I am most interested in the way people throughout history have used nonsensical literature to hide their messages, inspired by nursery rhymes. The idea that the message is hide in plain sight.

A Reflection On Research

What have you identified as important in your research and why? -People dissent even if they have nothing to directly gain. They protest for the satisfaction of just saying ‘no’, even if this protest is in a form that no one will see. -Nursery rhymes have been used throughout time as an important method ofContinue reading “A Reflection On Research”

Nursery rhyme: an important form of dissent

Throughout history nursery rhymes have been used as a method of dissemination of adult dissent. An ingenious way of adult expression, using innocent tunes and reliant on children’s obliviousness. A lot of kids literature has incredibly dark origins. This is because nursery rhymes are one of the oldest vehicles for coded dissent in difficult times.Continue reading “Nursery rhyme: an important form of dissent”